Male Breast Reduction Surgery by Dr. Priti Shukla



Gynaecomastia or male breasts , is a common condition totally curable by surgery. Grade 1 gynaecomastia is the smallest size, Grade 2 medium sise and Grade 3 gynaecomastia is -very large and possibly sagging breast. Gynaecomastia surgery may involve liposuction alone- wherein chest fat and glands are sucked out through tiny incisions. The patient in this video has Grade 1 gynaecomastia . His weight is normal and there is no fat on chest. Therefore the tough gland tissue was removed under local anaesthesia through a small incision in the nipple area. In some other cases Both liposuction and gland removal is required. All these surgeries are virtually scarless and results are usually permanent.

Surgery in this video is performed by Dr Priti Shukla who is board certified plastic surgeon and medical director of at Ambrosia Clinic, Hyderabad, India. Ambrosia Clinic offers world class aesthetic plastic surgery, hair transplantation, Botox, fillers, Lasers and advanced skin care solution.

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